Build Instructions

Following sections will describre the different steps you should follow to build JasperReports JSF Plugin using the lastest version of the source code, obtained from its Subversion repository.

Preliminary Steps

Apache Maven

The build management tool used in JasperReports JSF Plugin is Apache Maven so you will need it installed in your local machine in order to build the project.

The minimal version required is 2.0.8, check your Maven installation typing the following command:

#mvn -version

Subversion Client

The best option when building from source is use the lastest version available at the Subversion repository at SourceForge. If you don't have already a subversion client you may download from Apache Subversion site. Linux and MacOS users should have already one installed; Windows users can use Tortoise SVN.

Main Steps

Download the source code

You can get sources for each version at SourceForge's web site. However, if you want to work with the lastest version of the source code you should download it from the source repository.

To obtain the lastest sources at Linux / MacOS systems you would type:

#svn co jasperreports-jsf

Once downloaded, you will have a folder jasperreports-jsf at your current location. Access into that folder to proceed with following steps:

#cd jasperreports-jsf

Compile Source Code

We will launch the compilation of the project using Apache Maven as follows:


Very simple! isn't it? This command will build the source code, build the unit tests, run unit tests, package jar files and install them into your local Maven's repository. It's equivalent to launch mvn install (install has been configured as the default goal when none has been given to the mvn command).

For just running the unit tests you can type:

#mvn test

In the other hand, if you want to skip the execution of the unit tests you would type:

#mvn install -Dmaven.test.skip=true

Other Maven Goals

As you could see in previous section, different Maven goals can be used to obtain different results. Here are the most important ones that should be used within this project sources.

Generate documentation
#mvn site
Generate distribution packages
#mvn package assembly:assembly