JasperReports JSF Plugin

JasperReports JSF Plugin it's a library that offers some JSF components to permit an easy integration of JSF web applications with the famous JasperReports report engine.


  • Offers two different JSF components which produce the reporting output in all the formats supported by JasperReports.
    • HTML
    • PDF
    • XLS (MS Excel)
    • CSV
    • XML
    • Plain text
  • Different kind of data sources supported by JasperReports can be used.
    • JDBC Connection API
    • JNDI DataSource lookup
    • CSV data source
    • XML data source
    • XLS data source

Supported Frameworks

Java Server Faces is the base framework for this library. Nevertheless, some other web frameworks which extend the JSF functionality are supported:

Supported Runtimes

This plugin has been tested in servlet and portlet environments using following runtime stacks: